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Pre-Conference: Wednesday, May 15


9:00-10:00 AM: Check-in and breakfast

10:00 AM-3:00 PM: training

(Breakfast and lunch included.)

What do you mean? “Unblurring” the lines between consent, check-in, and so much more…

Trainer: Kysha Parker, MPH, CHES, Trainer and Technical Assistance Coordinator, Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power and Potential

“What do you mean? Did you say yes, or did you give me permission?” When communicating consent, some individuals state that there are blurred lines regarding sexual acts. To “unblur” these lines, it is important to know what consent is and the importance of check-in during each sexual act. A study done by Planned Parenthood found that there is a persistent confusion about what constitutes both consent and sexual assault. As youth-serving professionals, we should assist in bridging the gap that exists with our youth to help them understand what consent is and all that it includes.

In this interactive workshop, participants will investigate, role-play, and discuss/explore tips and strategies for communicating “yes mean yes”, checking in, and exploring sexual boundaries between partners. We will dive into:

  1. identifying 3-4 components of effectively communicating consent and boundaries

  2. what consent is and what it is not

  3. how media plays a role in consent

  4. explaining the importance of educating youth on the right to refuse sexual contact (and what that can look like)

  5. checking in between each sexual act

Session Format: Lecture, Group Activity, Group Discussion

Content Level: Beginner/Intro; Intermediate