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At InDataTek, we are industry leaders in online direct marketing, offering proven results that you can trust. With millions of subscribers that have opted-in to a multitude of categories we are able to provide you the necessary information to market your products & services to interested consumers. 

With an onsite creative team and the tools needed to get you in full view of the buying public InDataTek will not only be your first choice in online marketing, it will be your best!

At InDataTek we know you have many choices in your search for the right Online Marketing firm and while we have tried to showcase the best of who we are, our specialty is in custom tailoring a Marketing Program for you.  Anyone can sell you a mailing list, but we offer reliable verified mailing lists, concept creation and implementation and continued support throughout this Marketing campaign and the guarantee that we will be here for all your future online marketing needs.

For further details please refer to our online media kit.

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