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Finding the perfect marketing team is infinitely easier than finding the perfect consumer. Companies have been known to spend thousands of hard earned and much needed dollars researching the consumer base in an effort to direct their marketing efforts at the most willing targets.

At InDataTek the consumer tells us what products and services they use and would receive, welcomingly, any information that can be sent their way. Yet these same consumers do not want to be "spammed" with marketing mail on things they would never use. Companies who blindly buy marketing lists have no idea who they are emailing and the majority of their efforts wind up in "junk mail folders" and "deleted bins" before they are ever read.

If your selling snowplows, for instance, why would you email anyone in Florida? It's these distinctions, obvious and not so obvious, that break down our categories and allow the consumer to tell you what they Доставка цветов в Адлере круглосуточно, invite you to contact them and respond by buying what your selling. A win-win situation for everyone!

If your not sure how to get your campaign started our creative team will gladly work on the marketing piece for you. This will be a user friendly interface filled with eye-catching graphics, just enough useful information to peak their interest and links...links...links! We can help you select the list categories that will best serve your demographic, then guide you through the process of getting your campaign out to the public.

Interested in making more of an impact? Ask one of our friendly service representatives about our Internet Commercials, eSurveys and more...

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